Here's a quick snapshot of wonderful things to see in the San Antonio, and Hill Country area of Texas. I have a story in the Hamilton Spectator and a road trip story coming up in the Toronto Star Wheels section.

Like plants, dyeing, fabric and embroidery? Watch for my story in Spectator Go Thursday.

Next assignment, writing about green things that can be pressed into service for holiday decor.

Tiny Terrific Front Yards

New look for a tiny front yard

Here's a look at Cottage Industrious

Live in a cottage the size of a shed? Dani did it

Watch for my story in Thursday's Hamilton Spectator Go section on a new kind of cottage life.

Take a tour of the Cowboy Cave with Claude Lizotte

In today's Hamilton Spectator Go section, my story on the Cowboy Cave of Claude Lizotte.

Dahlia Delight

Dahlia Land in Dundas

I thought the story looked great in the Spectator today.

Sneaky Seeds and crafty plants that populate the garden

The hot heads of summer. You know them and love them, zinnias, sunflowers, dahlias, sizzling plants that makes us happy. My story is in the Hamilton Spectator Go section today.

Coming up next week in my Hamilton Spectator column. What the folks at Stokes Seeds love. They grow for President's Choice Gigantico Vegetable program.