Needlework just openend on Jame Street North in Hamilton. I'm writing about it for the Hamilton Spectator. Learn to sew, buy cool fabric, it's a fine addition to the street.

Mansions and mills on Mary Street North in Hamilton. Did you know about the rich history of one of the city's oldest streets. Look for my story in Thursday's Hamilton Spectator Go section.

The aging gems of Hamilton. I'll be writing about them in this Thursday's Hamilton Spectator.

Medinilla could be your next favorite plant. I write about it in the Hamilton Spectator Go section today. You can find more info at

Hyacinths on my desk. Such a sweet thing.

Loved this table at the Interior Design Show, Toronto. Made by The Recycler of Goderich. He also had a seat make of bike tire tubes.

Beautiful blankets from Oleana, made in Norway.

Chair made from the sails of famous boats, by Spinnaker Norway. At the Interior Design Show .