Working on collage. Circus wagons maybe.

New Year's eve and warm enough to smell sweet woodruff and pluck a few leaves of chard.

Gardens in review. I really can't stop thinking about the High Line in NYC. That's a garden and a people place that could be done in Hamilton. So much potential here.

I just spent an hour cleaning scale off my Calamondin orange. I think I will buy some dental tools I saw at Princess Auto, to help scrape the beasts from where they hide. Its worth it for the scented blossoms and pretty fruit.

I'm thinking if I had a conservatory I would like to be looking at assorted succulents in a great urn.

Buffalo Botanic Garden has a pretty fine collection under glass. Not sure how BBG is doing now. It's a tough go for many botanic gardens.

Impressive palms at the Longwood Gardens glass houses. Here in Hamilton Ontario we can soak up heat at Gage Park Greenhouse, Burlington Art Centre greenhouse or Royal Botanical Gardens. Indoor tropics-that's my next column for the Hamilton Spectator.

An indoor garden in Canada with bananas in fruit. I am going to shoot it tomorrow for my Hamilton Spectator column. This photo is Longwod Gardens in Philadelphia.

This was not under Christmas tree. But that's ok

Today's important purchase- good olive oil. Will check out Hamilton Market, then will sneak away to studio to work on collage.

Garden video is up on the Hamilton Spectator website today. Now onward with new gardening ideas like making this string garden.

Working on a video for Hamilton Spectator website. No it won't be in black and white.

Amaryllis-trialing a bunch of new ones

Window dressing with plants that can live outside or indoors

Succulents in suitable pots

Next gardening column