I will be profiling more Hamilton homes in future editions of the Hamilton Spectator.

Bryan Prince retired, bookworms salute him.

Photos from Philadelphia, from Longwood Gardens and Terrain at Styers-a lifestyle garden store.

More on Philadelphia

Painting my basement with iPad Brushes app.

A modern kitchen in a Victorian house in Hamilton. Open shelves, stainless steel counters, a fridge covered in outdoor vinyl with image of the Mona Lisa. Under shelf lighting warms up walls and illuminates cooking tasks. Design by David Johnson, find more in my article in the Hamilton Spectator online, in the Go section.

Creative living in Hamilton-that's my feature in the Go section of the Hamilton Spectator today. Hamilton has a fantastic stock of Victorian homes. Here's one that is a showcase for art.

I am writing about Philadelphia and gardens in this Thursday's Go section of the Hamilton Spectator.

I am writing about upcoming garden shows for the Hamilton Spectator, and have an article about this beautiful Hamilton garden in this month's Gardenmaking magazine.