Public Art in Hamilton needs spring cleaning.


Going to Hamilton Farmer's Market today. I keep going back and I don't like it any better.

The beauty of the things we throw away. Brilliantly depicted in the Diane Landry show at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. It's inventive, magical, thought provoking. It is full of kinetic energy, light and sound. Perfect for our times. It's a must see, and on the way to this recycled world you will be drawn into the Matisse Jazz exhibit, timeless and exploding with colour.

I am writing about plants that will survive in an office, in today's Go section of the Hamilton Spectator.

I'm writing about the Pam velodrome in Hamilton on OpenFile Hamilton today.

Finished a story on plants that will survive in an office for this Thursday's Go section of the Hamilton Spectator.

Working on following stories:velodrome, plants for the office, and travel article

Thinking of Hockney

Talking about Houston

At the Port of Montreal. It would be great to see something like this in Hamilton.

Needed: Watchdog for West Harbour

Working on North End Hamilton stories. Storm clouds ahead?

Hot on Houston

Letter from London: Being Boring

On the road

A market in Oaxaca Mexico.

LRT in Houston-taking a chance with design.

Sorry folks I think the new Hamilton Farmers Market is underwhelming.

Light rail in Houston Texas. It looks good but has not worked miracles.