How do you live in a city that drives you nuts?

How dare people think they can have a porch at their new house?

West Harbour Hamilton-now as popular as bedbugs.

This is the stadium in Cardiff Wales. It's on the water, in the city and attractive. We just can't do that in Hamilton Ontario.

Hamilton Harbour in all its rugged beauty.

Trying out NoteTaker on iPad

Writing for a new web venture called Open File Hamilton. My first topic will be turning a parking lot into a park. It's going to happen in downtown Hamilton. Let's make it a good one.

Just finished a video on Gage Park tropical greenhouse for the Hamilton Spectator website. Even though I worked in TV all my career-shooting and editing my own video is still a work in progress.

Amalfi amaryllis with pure pink flowers on sturdy stems. I am writing about them in this Thursday's Hamilton Spectator.

Working on a car review of the Volvo S60 for Grand Magazine. I was rather smitten with it. I am not totally sold on exterior design-front end seems rather lumpy. Fresh and fun to drive though.

Fiat 500 my "Drive Home" selection from the auto show in Detroit. That was one of my assignments for Toronto Star Wheels section.

Photographer in purple-not afraid of mixing patterns.

There are always plent of shots of beautiful women at the auto show in Detroit. I tried to find some stylish men in between shooting Porsches and taking notes.

One of the best new cars at auto show in Detroit. The Ford Focus. This one of course has cool, snarly add-ons.

The Hyundai Velostar debuts at NAIAS. It replaces the lumpy Tiburon. Surprise it has two doors on the other side.

Kia shows a new van concept, a home away from home at NAIAS in Detroit. Hope they have the guts to build it.

Big cars are glamorous, but small cars are exciting. This is the Sonic by Chevrolet. Introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit two days ago.

Back from auto show in Detroit and at a proper computer.

Best in Show at the Auto Show

Auto Show in Detroit

A lonely outpost from the Via train on way to Windsor.

Martha Eleene style hydro towers seen from Via

Taking Via to Windsor and onward to auto show in Detroit

Hamilton has kissed a Pan Am stadium goodbye, I am rebuildng a fantasy Hamlilton out of collage.

Getting ready for the Auto Show in Detroit-writing for the Toronto Star Wheels section. Looking for entertaining new cars like the Nissan Juke.

A serious pizza oven in a garden in Hamilton Ontario.


Sheds, man caves, retreats-I'm putting together a video for the Hamilton Spectator Go section for January 6.

Gardening prediction for 2011. More people will be building or creating caves. Man caves, woman caves, urban cabins, call them what you want, but they are rustic retreats from order and obligation. I am writing about it in this Thursday's Hamilton Spectator.

There is much to like about the new Hamilton Public Library redo, but the streetscaping sends the message that Hamilton hates trees.

Kale at the Hill Street Gardens, Hamilton. New community gardens-a good news story for 2010 .

Amaryllis Chico in bloom. Has a good Spiderman quality to it. Happy New Year.